Designnobis, a center for sustainable design creation, presents creative and innovative applications in industrial design, brand and space creation. As a brand with Turquality accreditation, we contribute to the industry of our country by exporting the Turkish brand to the global markets by developing products with high added value and competitive power for sustainable development. We know that the non-productive patent and invention does not create added value, we create brands that are different with design while providing R & D and product design service to turn into a product, service or service that the user can buy in the market.

For us, the design is simple but effective, simple and effective, functional and aesthetically pleasing, with details and a surprise that is shaped by a hidden line. We develop innovative products with solutions that we bring to undiscovered problems in multiple dimensions of multiple factors. By playing an active role in every stage of the design process, we aim for the total service and offer our customers ready products and spaces for production.