Designnobis is;

DESIGNNOBIS, which draws attention to the current problems of the world with its visionary and environmentalist products, continues to collect interest and attention in the global context since its foundation.

DESIGNNOBIS, founded in 2006 under the leadership of Dr.Hakan Gürsu, METU Industrial Product Design Faculty, continues its work in Ankara. Product development and product design in the national and often promise a pleasant design center named in international media, it was founded with the understanding that this is a team game of the design process since in International Design Awards, an international platform such as Green Dot Awards ‘Design Oscars’ as is included in the prize known about 200 design awards bring our country to continue to spread the Turkish brand in the global markets.

DESIGNNOBIS aims to spread the Turkish brand to world markets through its interdisciplinary design capability. Our company, which has TURQUALITY accreditation in its field, aims to become a leading focus in the field of innovation with the vision and innovative products and services it creates, transforming it into a regional synergy center serving nationally and internationally with its sustainable product design and R & D activities.