Year: 2015
A' Design Award 2014
Social Design
Silver Award
World Design Impact Prize 2015
Natural disasters displaced 22 million people in 2013, which was 3 times more than war. It is vital to support the housing of the victims through sturdy temporary shelters. Emerged as a solution, Tentative is a smart compact post disaster shelter. The simple yet innovative disaster shelter is made of fiberglass shells and a durable weather resistant textile which is quilted sewed and consists thermally insulated perlite in between. It uses a roof that helps in collecting water and providing lighting and ventilation. For the floor, thermal insulating recyclable composite decks are used and heat loss is prevented with the legs keeping tent floor high above the ground. The collapsible tent is flat packed for easy transportation and is suitable for a variety of climates. It provides enough space for two adults and two children. Due its compact size – 30 cm when closed – it is possible to transport 24 units in a single semi-trailer truck to the disaster zone.